Translator » Amir Sepahram »
Author » Habibollah Kalantari »
Type » Minimal »
Genre » Sci-fi »

“Examiner ship?”
“Ready!” said Yung.”
“Control ship to the base. We’re ready.”
“Start off!” said colonel Dalmar. “We’ll be waiting at the base.” His brown face was cool, as usual.
Yung looked around. Daniel was staring at the black hole’s manual. The robo-pilot was silently sitting at the control panel.
Hakan appeared on the screen. “Well, guys! You’re not anxious, are you?”
“Not me!” Daniel said. “Yung is, though.”
“Daniel, you’re not qualified then. The operation has to be cancelled.”
All three laughed.
The operation’s fever is widespread, by the way,” said Daniel. “A Fashion magazine reader had asked how a combination of two time expansions resulted from a black hole and an ultra-light leap can lead to an adjustable time contraction. The magazine’s specialist believed that the black hole and hyperspace are sophisticated enough, let alone cutting black hole by hyperspace, which still is a vague idea after all the experiments.”
“They’d better leave it to the physicists,” said Hakan. “It’s a bit more complicated than the dress cut in their magazine.”
The atmosphere got serious. “What’s wrong Yung? It’s not your first time!”
“Yes. We’ll scratch the giant a bit more. Although, this is experimented, too; three robotic launch with experimental animals. Nothing went wrong.”
“Today my daughter will be five.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I’d forgotten that. The base sent your message to her.” Then he continued. “How about you Daniel? Singles haven’t got such problems, do they?”
“Nop. My problem is finding a proper mother for my children. As Yung’s ancestors in China had put it.”
“Trust me. Your problem will be gone soon, just if you walk around the base in the uniform for a while. Its blue color suites you very much.”

An alarm was heard and hyperspace radiation began. An illuminated tunnel went straight ahead on the screen, cut the outer edge of a circling ring, and went on to the other side.
“Young, Empty your mind from any prejudgment. Our job is to observe, not to explain.”
“Like a robot? Robotic examinations would be enough, then. Why are we here?”
“Definitely not to give theosophical hypotheses.”
“You mean…”
“Yes. When the interviewer asked if the interruption between two time quanta could mean destruction and recreation of the whole universe in a moment, you shouldn’t have gone poetic.”
“But, I just said ‘maybe’. By the way, the poem belongs to an eastern poet; centuries before even the word quantum was coined.”
“You were being interviewed as a scientist, not poets’ spokesman,” He smiled. “Now, if the universe is recreated every moment, why is it always just like before? Where does the information of the older universe get saved?”
“How do you know it’s just like before?”
“We would know if there was a change.”
“Maybe the change creates its own past; in our mind and …”
“And outer world?”
“Why not?”
“This is not a physical discussion. Not even a philosophical one.”
“Parallel universes and branching of the universe to indefinite possible states in every time quantum, which we are one of them, is still a hot topic among physicists. How come this one can’t be?”
There was a soft quake. The dots on the screen went dimmer.
“Shift to infrared.”
“Roger. Examiner ship.”
Young fixed his eyes on oscillating curves.
“Start of outer time deceleration. Exponential deceleration.”
“Copy that.”
“Ten to the power of minus five.”
“Minus ten.”
“Minus fifteen.”
“Transition to amplification sources of the static operational station.”
The dots on the screen started to glow again.
Hakan’s face appeared.
“Navigation by control ship.”
“Roger. We’ll proceed.”
The screen got fainted again.
“Transition to amplification sources of the control ship.”
“Minus thirty. End of linear zone. Logarithmic screen activated.”
“Good luck,” said Hakan, smiling. “And stay calm. This is a nice black hole.”

“It’s just us.” Daniel said.
“Well, Kalley. Distance reduction. Meter by meter.”
“Yes sir.”
“Entrance to Niapar ring.”
“Yes sir.”
“Hejavan ring.”

The curve transformed into broken steps.
“Time quanta! At least International Association of Physicists definitely accepted it.”
“Some physicists disagreed as well, telling there may be some disruptions when waves received by the ship from the outer world got power-amplified and frequency-refactored in three phases.
“They’ll be convinced just when they get beautiful sport photos of the outer world; frame by frame! In grade ten to the power of minus thirty, you have to wait for hours to observe the tiniest phase change in the highest frequencies of the universe. In less than minus forty, it’s obvious. Amplification is necessary.”
“Kalley. Enter Chanatt ring.”
“Yes sir.”
“See Daniel?” he said, trying to restrain his anxiety. “Interruption between quanta is distinguishable. Further, Kalley!”
“Not tested before, sir.”
“Do it!”
“Yes sir.”

The slit expanded. Steps disappeared.
“Well, it’s an ambiguous phenomenon.”
“Ambiguous? Daniel, there is ‘nothing’. No guiding pulses, no control ship, no star, no galaxy. There is no world, Daniel.”
“If there wasn’t a world, we wouldn’t exist to know it. Even if there was an interruption, big or small, nobody would feel it.”
“Come on Daniel! We’re in Chanatt ring. We’re seeing the outer world in some other moments; with some delay.”
“There may be some more rational explanations. We’ll just report the observations.”
“All right! Although, our mind…”
“It’s going up and down,” said Daniel excitedly.
“It seems the interruption doesn’t have a fixed time period,” said Young, gazing up on the screen. “A bit lower, Kalley.”
“It’s absolutely forbidden sir. We’re at the edge of the slit.”
Young stayed stared. Long while passed.

“Examiner ship!”
“Examiner ship!”
“Roger, control ship,” Kalley responded.
“What’s going on there?”
Young came to conscious. “Everything is fine, Hakan.”
He heard Hakan’s conversation with the base station. Kalley started joining maneuver. They will be at the base thirty hours later.

Attendee’s excitement messed up the welcome-back ceremony.
“I told you Daniel,” said Hakan, winking. “Purple uniform suites you.”
“Report after ceremony is over,” The commander of the base welcomed them. “Young, we sent your message to your son, by the way. He answered it, too. Such a sweet kid.” Major Curtis’s brown face was cool, as usual. “Daniel, we sent yours, too. Your wife is proud of you.” Then he added quietly, “Well?”
“Interruption is real,” said Daniel. “Although, it has no effect on the world; neither major nor minor. Nevertheless, Knowing it more precisely will be another step toward discovering the secrets of the universe.”

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5 Responses to “Interruption”

  1. Saleh Says:

    Nice story…

    anyway Academy FTW!

  2. mahmoud (winky) Says:

    thank you amir sepahram, thanks a lot mr.kalantari

  3. Necromancer Says:

    What was it?!

  4. Admin Says:

    It’s the winner of Chelcherag contest.

  5. Hassan Says:

    Here’s something interesting:

    Oedipus and the Riddle
    Quadruped in the dawn, erect at noon,
    and wandering on three legs across the blind
    spaces of afternoon; so the eternal
    Sphinx saw her inconstant brother, Man.
    And to her rocky silence came a man
    who unlocked the riddle in the mirror;
    terrified, he saw the shattering image
    of his destruction and his error.
    We are Oedipus, doomed as he, to be
    the triple beast: child, saviour, suppliant-
    all that we will be, all that we have been.
    It would annihilate us in an instant
    to glimpse our monstrous being; mercifully
    God grants us issue and oblivion.


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